Cozzia 16027 Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review (2024)

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2024)

The Cozzia 16027 is among one of the most recommended massage chairs on a budget. It has some substantial features, and the company is reputable as well. I’ve come across many friends and acquaintances who have asked me about my thoughts on this chair.

Sadly, I haven’t reached them all in time to tell them that the Cozzia is not the best option for them. I enjoyed some of Cozzia’s features. But I enjoyed them more than the other models.

This chair certainly has a lot of potentials,s but the company certainly missed the mark in executing its functions. Compared to the likes of the Kahuna 6800, this is certainly mediocre. I understand that some users think it’s a great upgrade.

If you’re starting off from older massager models, then it certainly looks like a great upgrade. However, there are models that are cheaper and perform better overall. I feel like this Cozzia chair was a sad attempt to pack different features into a single chair. Unfortunately, its potential was not met.

In this article, I’ll discuss with you why I think you should stay away from 16027.

About The Company & Chair

Most of the time, it’s hit or miss when it comes to companies that manufacture any product.

Cozzia Logo

Personally, I like to look at a few things before looking at any company’s products:

  • Great customer service
  • Responsive after-sales support
  • Extensive knowledge of the product and its niche
  • Innovative technology
  • Beautiful and ergonomic designs
  • High-quality materials

What I appreciate the most about Cozzia is its dedication to massage and its benefits. You know you’re getting a great piece of hardware when its manufacturers know what you need.

The company claims to have over 20 years of experience in the market. Additionally, they also claim to be the largest global manufacturing facility for robotic massage equipment. It sounds impressive, but does it show in their products?

After a quick look at some of their products, I can easily say that Cozzia has something for everyone. Name any problem you have that a massage chair can solve, and they have it.

People with mobility problems have the option to purchase easy-lift chairs that grant them independence.

If you have trouble sleeping because of body pain, there’s a chair for that.

Cozzia Company RewardsIf you’re pregnant and need a chair that lessens body strain, Cozzia has zero-gravity massage options.

I love it when there’s a variety of vibration massage options with remote control for every consumer.

So far, I’ve discussed how the company presents itself. But how does it measure up to its promises?

I’ve taken a look at numerous reviews online. Most of them say one thing, the customer service is stellar.

The company seems to have a great response rate when it comes to customer inquiries and after-sales support. Overall, the experience is quite convenient, to say the least.

It also doesn’t hurt that the products are well-made. However, they’re also not the cheapest option.

They aren’t expensive per se, but for the price and the massage chair features offered, you’ll be better off with a Kahuna Chair most of the time.

Furthermore, I feel like the company severely oversells its chairs and service. For example, I was not impressed with the way the 16027 performed.

Still, it was priced higher than the Kahuna, and the extended warranty and white-glove service aren’t cheap as well.

Naturally, I would expect a stellar unit that performs better than cheaper units. Sadly, this chair proves that price does not matter when choosing a massage chair. Some units will deliver great results for half the price of a more expensive unit.

Because of this, I would exercise caution when supporting this company. You would be better off supporting another California-based company like AJX Inc.

Summary: It is a reliable enough company that offers great customer service. It offers a wide variety of products. However, if you compare the functions and the price, the Kahuna will definitely look like a more sensible option.

Notable Features & Benefits

Cozzia 16027

This massage chair is a good piece of hardware. It comes at a decent price point. It’s also more affordable compared to other units. You’ll enjoy the contemporary look combined with the basic functions of higher-end chairs.

If you enjoy getting the most out of your money, you’ll enjoy these significant yet minor functions that the Cozzia offers:

Vibrating Seats – the gentle and relaxing vibration feature will put you into one of the deepest relaxation states in your life. You’ll enjoy the vibrating motion combined with the seat’s airbag massage feature.

30 Minute Massage Therapy Session – Most full-body Cozzia massage chairs offer preset auto programs that run anywhere from 10-20 minutes. If you’re constantly hoping for a longer massage, you’ll love its pre-programmed massage settings that last up to 30 minutes. Additionally, it shuts off automatically after the session, so you don’t have to worry about staying awake to turn off your unit.

Leg Rest Adjustment – This full-body massage chair easily adapts to different user heights. Its adjustable ottoman can handle any height. This is a great feature if you share your chair with family or friends. It’s also ideal if you’re above or below the height average.

Air Massage FunctionAdjustable Roller Intensity – I found that some units in the same price range don’t offer adjustable intensity levels for the rollers. It’s disappointing, to say the least since the chair’s effects can’t be maximized unless it’s in the right setting. The Cozzia offers some adjustment for the intensity levels. However, it isn’t as diverse as the Kahuna LM 6800’s options.

Airbag Massage – This unit utilizes the help of strategically placed airbags that aid its S-Track rollers in providing you with the most relaxing experience. You’ll enjoy the airbag function if you’re keen on more gentle massages compared to high-intensity massages.

What I noticed about these functions is that while they are nice to have, they all feel like the last thought. You know, like the designers added it in to make the product look better, but it adds no substance to the product at all.

It could have been a great product if these partial massage chair features performed better. Alas, they do not, and it feels like this chair is an attempt to feel more sophisticated without actually delivering. Sadly, that also means this is not the most practical purchase for anyone.

You may feel like you’re getting your money’s worth when in reality, you’re getting less than what you paid for. It would have helped if the company took the time to make at least one or two functions superior to its competitors. Sadly, none of its qualities measure up.

Below, you’ll find some of the other benefits of 16027:

S-Track Design

This chair utilizes an S-Track design that follows your spine’s curvature for a more effective massage session. It isn’t as effective as an L-Track design like the one you can find on the Kahuna LM 6800, but it’s good enough if you don’t want the extra thigh/hamstring attention.

However, for the price, I’d expect it to have some higher-end functions, especially since other brands have introduced L-Track technology for the same price. Some of them are even cheaper, like the Kahuna L-Track unit.

3D Body Scan Technology

You may think that the 3D massage feature feels the same in every chair that has it. It doesn’t. It depends partially according to your body type and height, but it also depends on the manufacturer’s design.

The Cozzia has a great 3D Body Scan feature that scans your body, so the rollers target all the right areas. Compared to units that don’t have this feature, you can guarantee that the rollers are targeting your shoulders and neck by moving for you, whereas older models will have you adjust to the placement of the rollers to get an effective massage.

The Cozzia has a decent 3D massage feature. However, I found that my Kahuna was more effective. The 3D massage paired with the S-Track design was decent enough, but it would have been better if Cozzia invested in L-Track technology for this chair.

Zero Gravity Cozzia

​Zero-Gravity Seating

There are many benefits to zero gravity positions. If you’ve been experiencing lower back pain, you’ll love the zero-gravity feature. It puts your body at an optimally “weightless” position and reduces strain on your body.

If you live with someone who is pregnant or elderly, they’ll enjoy the benefits this feature has to offer as well.

However, I’m not convinced that this chair has a true zero-g feature. Some of the more expensive units boast a true zero gravity experience modeled after NASA’s technology. But you obviously can’t expect that with lower-end models.

It’s a decent enough feature for the price, but I’ve seen chairs that perform better within the same price bracket. I also feel like its zero-gravity function is not as effective as advertised. I’m not saying that true zero-g positions can’t be achieved with a cheaper unit. But, this unit certainly did not reach my expectations.

Lumbar Heat

I enjoy extra heating as much as anyone. It improves blood circulation and helps alleviate pain. While I applaud the company for putting the focus on your lumbar area, other parts of your body are just as important.

Take the Kahuna 6800, for example, and it has quick-heating technology that targets your back and your legs. The lumbar heat feature is good, but it could be better.

​Calf & Foot Massage

Despite lacking in the heat department, I thoroughly enjoyed the calf and foot massage (no foot rollers). If you’re on your feet for most of the day, your legs will thank you for the extra attention. You can utilize the airbag system for gentle pressure to relax you.

Calf Massage of Cozzia

However, you’ll be disappointed to know that the foot portion relies entirely on its airbags. As you can imagine, an airbag massage for your feet is good, but not substantial in any way.

Summary: The 16027 has some okay features. It comes at a decent price point. However, most—if not all, of its functions are mediocre. You’ll be better off investing in the Kahuna LM 6800 (which is cheaper anyway).


Despite its mediocre performance, you’ll still be able to enjoy some of the benefits a massage chair can give you like:

Increased Blood Circulation – You’ll be surprised to know that several of your usual body pain problems are caused by poor blood circulation. Getting a regular massage will help with circulation and will benefit you in more ways than one.

Improved Mood – Therapeutic massage works to relieve stress from your body. This results in an overall improved mood by reducing anxiety, stress, and fatigue for a healthier lifestyle.

Better Sleep – What most people don’t know is that body tension is linked to sleep problems. If your body is very stressed, it has a direct effect on your sleeping patterns. If you want to improve your sleep, you should make sure your body is relaxed and free from stress as much as possible.



Voltage: 110-120V

Frequency: 60Hz

Energy Consumption: 220W

Specifications Cozzia 16027Timer: 5-30 minutes


Seat Base: 50.6″ x30.1″ x31.9″

Side Panel: 38.2″ x25″ x14.6″

Gross Weight

Seat Base: 218.3 lbs

Side Panel: 30.9 lbs

Net Weight

Seat Base: 187.4 lbs

Side Panel: 26.5 lbs

Wire Length

Controller Wire: 51.18″

Power Supply Wire: 86.61″

Reliability and Warranty

I’ve taken a look at multiple user massage chair reviews for this Cozzia massage chair. In addition to my personal experience,

I can safely say that both the company and chair are very reliable.

Despite the Cozzia lacking in some major departments like performance, it does its job well.

The only problem is that it isn’t exceptional.

I also feel like Cozzia’s warranty is somewhat mediocre. The standard warranty covers a year for parts and in-house labor.

However, you will also have the option to upgrade to the 2-year extended warranty for an additional $299.00. If you ask me, this shouldn’t be an option and should have been put as the standard warranty.

Summary: The company is reliable enough. However, much like their chairs, the service is mediocre at best. It performs the most basic functions but there is simply nothing exceptional about the service or the warranty.


I look for several things when I purchase expensive items online. But it’s important to prioritize these two things:

  • Return/Refund Policy – I appreciate the 90 Day Free Return Period on this unit. This is one of the aspects of the Cozzia that isn’t mediocre. This also means you can return it if you find the product unsatisfactory or defective in any way.
  • White Glove Service – I expect to be able to relax when I purchase something like a massage chair. Unfortunately, bulky items like these will usually require me to spend some time installing it and cleaning up the packaging. Fortunately, the company offers a white glove delivery service that handles the heavy lifting for you. On the downside, this service is not free. You will have to spend an additional $199.99 for this luxury.

About Cozzia Massage Chair Problems

There are numerous other reasons why you might be experiencing back pain. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Most people on the planet are either in pain or dealing with back pain at any point in time. Most of them don’t realize that their back pain might be a result of serious medical issues. Many also don’t realize the extent of their problem. If you find that you can’t get the right level of massage on your neck or back, this is an indication that your Cozzia massage chair may not be able to handle the pressure you put on it.

Remember, the more pressure you apply, the deeper you will be able to give a deep massage. However, a softer massage may not get the same results. You may need to take it into a certified massage shop to have it looked at.

No Butt Correction for You. Just as the first indication that your cozzia massaging chair isn’t performing up to par is not getting the kind of massage you need, the second one is that the chair will only give you an uncomfortable massage, rather than a good one. You will have to wait for a certified Cozzia massage chair professional to correct this problem for you.

Causes of Restless Feet. You’re not alone if your feet feel uncomfortable when you use your Cozzia massage chair. Your feet may be sweating from the heat generated by your body, or they may be cold because of an unbalanced temperature.

Where Can I Buy Cozzia 16027?

This massage chair is available on several sites. You can check them out on Amazon, eBay, and a host of other online retailers.

You could also take a look at the Cozzia USA website to find a dealer near you.

Does Brookstone Still Sell Massage Chairs?

To answer the question, I put up a call to Brookstone’s media department and was connected to Holly Whitfield, the company’s director of public relations. I asked her why Brookstone stopped selling massage chairs in 2014 and what was going on with the product. We don’t have any massage chairs that are still in the marketplace,” Whitfield told Consumerist. “Brookstone has sold out of a number of our massage chairs and our store has not had the machines for sale since 2014.

Whitfield said that the massaging chairs became hard to source and not many companies wanted to sell Brookstone the chairs it needed. We recently reached out to them, however, to find out what’s going on,” Whitfield explained. “As a result of the email exchange, they are taking the opportunity to correct their listing on Brookstone com and Brookstone at Home. Whitfield said Brookstone is still getting some of the machines.

Can You Overuse a Massage Chair?

In-room massage chairs can really add some bang for your buck. They cost only a few hundred dollars, give you lots of comfy upholstery, and you can have them set to order from a catalog. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. We talked to registered nurse Crystal Shearer, founder of the Zest Massage School, and author of Healing from Trauma, about what you should never do with an air pressure massaging chair. Don’t stick a hot poker into your muscles.

When a massage chair is hot, that can make it a little too intense for some people. If you’ve never tried a massage chair with tapping, and rolling before, it’s fine to sit on it for a minute or two and see how you feel. But for most people, you want to sit for at least 10 minutes. The chair doesn’t have to be up to a par heater or freezer. You’re going to feel your muscles relaxing, so keep that in mind as you are adjusting the heat.

Buji Massage Chair

This reclining massage chair is virtually silent and can massage your lower back, neck, and shoulders while you’re watching a movie or television. The compact four-legged Buji massage chair is designed to work in virtually any room of your house, provided you’ve got enough floor space. It can be adjusted in height and is suitable for sitting or lying, with a 300-degree range of motion and a seat that cradles you to enhance the power of your massage.

How Long has Cozzia Been in Business?

Since its inception in 1990, Cozzia has become a highly esteemed brand that specializes in massage chairs and other wellness products. With their revolutionary designs, cutting-edge technologies, and premium materials they have established themselves as one of the top producers of massage chairs worldwide. Customers across the globe revere them for their craftsmanship that surpasses industry standards making Cozzia an unparalleled name among connoisseurs around the world.

Are Cozzia Massage Chairs Good?

Cozzia is renowned for crafting massage chairs of the highest quality, complete with cutting-edge features and technologies. A product of superior engineering and materials, these seats are designed to deliver a thoroughly soothing and therapeutic massage experience. Offering to knead, rolling, tapping, and shiatsu techniques among other methods specifically tailored to target different muscle groups while alleviating aches or stiffness – Cozzia’s massage chairs provide an unprecedented level of comfort!

Not only do their massage chairs come with personalized settings and adjustable features, but they are also a great investment for anyone desiring to enjoy the benefits of an in-home calming and healing massage. Allowing you to modify your experience according to your individual needs and desires, It makes it easy for you to have a stress-free spa day from the comfort of your own home.

Cozzia Massage Chair Error Codes

Cozzia massage chairs, like many advanced electronic devices, are equipped with error codes to assist users and technicians in diagnosing and addressing issues. These error codes are designed to pinpoint specific problems within the chair’s components, enabling efficient troubleshooting and repair. Understanding these error codes is essential for maintaining the chair’s functionality. Here, we will provide an overview of some common Cozzia massage chair error codes and their meanings:

  1. E01 – Safety Switch Error: The E01 error typically indicates a problem with the safety switch. This switch is a vital component that ensures user safety during chair operation. When the chair detects an issue with the safety switch, it will display this error code and typically prevent further operation until the problem is resolved. This error may be caused by a faulty switch or a wiring issue.
  2. E02 – Main PCB Error: An E02 error signifies a problem with the main printed circuit board (PCB) of the massage chair. The main PCB controls the chair’s various functions, and an error in this component can lead to operational issues. It may be due to a malfunctioning PCB, loose connections, or other electrical problems.
  3. E03 – Massage Roller Error: This error relates to issues with the massage rollers, which are responsible for providing the massage functions. An E03 error may be caused by obstructions, damaged rollers, or problems with the roller’s motor. The chair will halt massage operations until the issue is resolved.
  4. E04 – Airbag Error: The E04 error code pertains to problems with the airbags used for compression massage. If the chair detects an issue with the airbags, it will display this error. Potential causes include airbag leaks, sensor malfunctions, or issues with the air compressor.
  5. E05 – Infrared Sensor Error: Cozzia massage chairs often incorporate infrared sensors for body scanning and positioning. An E05 error indicates a problem with these sensors. This error may be due to sensor misalignment or damage, hindering the chair’s ability to accurately position itself for massage.
  6. E06 – Motor Overload Error: When the massage chair’s motors are overloaded or encounter excessive resistance during operation, an E06 error code may be displayed. This can occur due to mechanical issues, such as jammed or obstructed components.

It’s important to note that these error codes may vary depending on the specific Cozzia model and its design. When encountering an error code, consulting the user manual or contacting Cozzia’s customer support or a certified technician is recommended for proper diagnosis and resolution. Attempting to address these issues without proper knowledge and training can potentially exacerbate the problem or void warranties.

Who Makes the Highest Quality Massage Chair?

Determining the highest quality massage chair involves considering various factors such as build quality, features, technology, user feedback, and brand reputation. While several manufacturers produce premium massage chairs, one brand that consistently stands out for its commitment to excellence is Inada.

Inada, a Japanese company renowned for its innovation and craftsmanship, has established itself as a leader in the massage chair industry. With a focus on precision engineering and ergonomic design, Inada chairs offer unparalleled comfort, reliability, and therapeutic benefits.

One distinguishing feature of Inada massage chairs is their proprietary technology, such as the “DreamWave” technology, which replicates the gentle figure-eight motion of a shiatsu massage therapist’s hands. This innovative approach ensures a natural and immersive massage experience, targeting key pressure points along the body’s meridian lines.

Moreover, Inada massage chairs are equipped with advanced massage techniques, including kneading, tapping, rolling, and stretching, providing comprehensive relief for muscle tension and stress. These chairs also incorporate air compression massage, heat therapy, and adjustable intensity settings to cater to individual preferences and therapeutic needs.

In terms of build quality, Inada chairs are crafted using premium materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and longevity. The brand’s attention to detail extends to every aspect of the chair, from the upholstery to the motor mechanisms, resulting in a product that exudes luxury and reliability.

Furthermore, Inada prioritizes user comfort and satisfaction, offering ergonomic designs with customizable features to accommodate a wide range of body types and preferences. Their commitment to customer service and support further enhances the overall ownership experience, solidifying their reputation as a provider of the highest quality massage chairs on the market.

While other brands may offer competitive options, Inada’s combination of innovative technology, superior craftsmanship, and customer-centric approach consistently places them at the forefront of the industry, making them a top choice for discerning consumers seeking the best in massage chair technology.

Final Thoughts. Best Alternative?

The Cozzia is a decent massage chair, and it’s also relatively inexpensive. It looks good, is made by a reputable company that offers a great service, and performs the basic functions that you need.

However, I—along with other users, have found that the chair is mediocre at best. There is nothing about this chair that stands out. Its features—while useful, aren’t the best in its price category.

The company’s service isn’t the best by any means at all as well. You can’t even justify the mediocre functions with its price point because there are cheaper chairs—like the Kahuna LM 6800, that perform better for a lower price.

Overall, I’d say this chair is good. However, it’s not the most practical and beneficial purchase. If you’re looking for a chair that is truly worthy of your attention, the Kahuna LM 6800 is a better alternative. Not only is it cheaper, but it performs extremely well.


Additionally, while the S-Track rollers are a seductive option for first-time buyers or those who are upgrading from non-S-Track models, the Kahuna’s L-Track model is superior in every way.

The Cozzia model is simply something you would expect at a lower price despite its many massage features. Its potential is severely hindered by the fact that it doesn’t measure to cheaper units.

Summary: Their company offers a wide array of services and options for every user. However, the price, features and performance of this chair does not measure up to its competitors. I would recommend purchasing the Kahuna 6800 over this unit especially since it utilizes L-Track technology even at a lower price.