Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair (2022 Update) | Reviews & Guide

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2022)

The Inada Dreamwave caught my eye the moment I saw the bright red upholstery in the showroom. The moment I sat in it, I knew the massage was one of a kind. It felt like a professional masseuse was working on my whole body.

For a moment there, I was willing to give up my Luraco i7 Plus for this Japanese-made massage recliner.

But when the massage ended, I took stock. Was this unit really better than my trusty Luraco?

No, it wasn’t. It’s an attractive massage recliner. You’ll be seduced the first moment you sit on it. But it’s not as good as the i7 Plus.

In this article, I‘ll tell you why. But first, let’s take a quick look at the specific pros and cons of the Dreamwave:

  • Air Massage Features with 101 Second Generation Air Cells
  • Calf, Foot and Sole massage
  • Infrared heating on the back and seat
  • Massage Chair settings for children
  • Hip and Thigh Massage
  • High-tech optimized remote control
  • Custom massage preferences
  • Adjustable ottoman
  • Customizable timer
  • Vibration massage
  • 5 beautiful color choices
  • The unit is heavy and bulky
  • It is not easy to assemble
  • Not space-saving
  • Does not feature MP3 connectivity
  • Non-existent temperature controls
  • Short S-Track length.

Summary: When you look at it, its good points severely outweigh the cons. You will enjoy a host of great benefits on top of experiencing a near-authentic human massage experience. It’s a good Inada massage chair, worth its price. However, the Luraco is better and more worth your money.

About The Inada Company

Very few massage recliner companies in the industry are committed to outperforming their counterparts. You’ll appreciate the fact that Inada is at the forefront of cutting-edge massage technology and that their massage recliners constantly improve to meet their customer’s demands.

This Japanese manufacturer has been producing quality massage chairs since 1962. Their company’s claim of being the World’s Best Massage Chair is seriously backed up with customer testimonials and reviews.

Inada Logo

In fact, the company has garnered a huge fanbase for its massage chairs. While they might not be the best overall, they certainly come close.

The company is highly reputable in the market and in Japan—where respect is valued the most, so you know you can’t go wrong with this company. Despite the high-end price, it’s still a generally great massage recliner.

Here are some of my key takeaways from this company:

  • Highly reputable with a solid following
  • Great customer service for inquiries/concerns
  • Reliable after-sales service
  • Excellent shipping and warranty policies
  • Consistently puts out high-quality massage chairs
  • High-end price, but mostly worth your money

That said, I’m more than just impressed with Inada. The company is usually at the height of innovation and technological advancements, so you know that you’re one step closer to the best at-home massage experience.

Summary: Inada is a highly regarded company from Japan. They claim to make the World’s Best Massage Chair and I see nothing wrong with that claim. They’re most likely among some of the best chairs on the market today. You’ll love the innovative designs executed by top engineers in the field. While I can’t say that I prefer the Dreamwave over my Luraco, the company does give my chair a run for its money.

Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair Notable Features

Inada Dreamwave Massage Chairs

The Dreamwave Massage Chair by Inada has a serious following. It’s easy to see why. This massage chair is solidly engineered and flaunts a Japanese aesthetic that appeals to many.

One of the most attractive aspects of this model is that it fits well into any space, like your living room. Take a look at some of its best features below:

S-Track Rollers – You’ll enjoy the S-Track technology on this massage recliner. It utilizes a 3D body scan feature to fully customize the rollers positioning along your spine. It contours perfectly to your body and targets problem areas like your neck and shoulders effectively.

Zero-Gravity Recline – You’ve probably heard about the NASA patented zero-gravity seating technology. The Dreamwave incorporates NASA-inspired technology to bring you all the benefits of a zero-g recline.

  • Experience the full benefits of virtual weightlessness with a near-perfect Zero-gravity reclining mechanism on this recliner. You’ll be able to enjoy your pre-programmed massage without causing further strain on your muscles, thanks to this optimal positioning.

Zero Gravity Inada

3D Body Scan – S Track technology is only as effective as the 3D body scanning technology that guides it. This massage recliner achieves a perfect scan 9 out of 10 times. In the unlikely event that it isn’t as precise as you’d like to be, you can also manually reposition the rollers.

  • You’ll enjoy the fact that it’s easy to control, so you’re not scrambling to figure out how it works while you’re trying to relax. The remote control is easy to understand and operate with clear instructions. You won’t spend much time manually relocating the rollers.

Full Body Stretch – If you suffer from back pain on a regular basis, you’ll enjoy the full-body stretching capabilities of the Dreamwave massage recliner. It is no secret that a proper stretch helps alleviate pain instantly and can even remove pressure from your spine.

  • I enjoy a full-body stretch as much as any person. I’m sure you do too. I appreciate the stretching capabilities of the Dreamwave because it’s a great feature at the end of each day. Even if you’re not experiencing back or body pain, it’s always a good practice to give your body a bit of a stretch to relieve muscle tension.

Arm Massage – Unlike other units, your arms won’t feel neglected in this unit. You’ll enjoy the therapeutic effects of focusing on your extremities.

  • Despite your arms being one of the most overworked parts of your body, most massage chairs often neglect them. I’m sure you’ve overlooked this fact in the past too. But once you experience the therapeutic benefits of a great arm massage, you’ll never go back.

RemoteAdvanced Remote Control – Despite complaints regarding the remote control, it is still a pretty advanced piece of hardware. Yes, there is a learning curve. Inada should have designed it better. But once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll love it.

  • The learning curve is one of the prices you’ll pay for a fully customizable Inada shiatsu massage chair. Of course, it’s expected to be difficult to operate to some extent. However, the interface could have been designed to be more user-friendly.

Great Hip and Thigh Massage – Despite the massage recliner utilizing an S-Track design over an L-Track design that extends to your glutes and thighs, it still boasts a good hip and thigh massage feature. You’ll enjoy the effects of loosening your hip and thigh muscles regularly.

  • Whether you’re an athlete or just physically active, you’ll reap the benefits of giving attention to your thighs and hips. This area is usually ignored, and unless you’ve tried massaging it before, you won’t know how beneficial it is.

Infrared Heating – You’ll enjoy the infrared heating on the back and seat of this model. Infrared heating is more effective than standard heating functions because it permeates into your skin. Despite that, the heating function could be better.

  • Unlike the Luraco, there are no temperature controls. However, you can choose to turn on the seat heat or back portion independently. It aids in blood flow, stiffness and works wonders for relieving body pain, and aids in muscle regeneration and rejuvenation among other things.

Summary: The Inada Dreamwave is well worth its price. You’ll enjoy an in-depth experience for your whole body. One of the best selling points of this unit is that it mikics a real human massage near-perfectly. It also has some great points like the innovative 101 airbags. You’ll enjoy the full-body therapeutic experience at the comfort of your own home.


Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair Specifications

Model Number: HCP-11001A

DreamWave Massage Chair SpecificationsFrequency: 60Hz

Average Massage Time: 30 Minutes

Preset Programs: 4 Healthcare Programs and 4 Well-being Programs

Manual Selection Mode: 15 Types

Colors: Black (BK), Ivory (IV), Brown (BR), Red (RD), Beige (CW), Navy Blue (NB)

Upholstery: Synthetic Leather

Weight: Approx 115 kg

The Inada Dreamwave carries a set of impressive specifications. If you’d like to learn more about its specifications, an in-depth assessment can be found here.

Summary: If you don’t mind a ridiculously heavy massage recliner, the Inada Dreamwave comes in five beautiful colors. You’ll enjoy the preset programs and customizability of this unit.

Inada Sogno vs Dreamwave Massage Chair

If you’ve been looking around the massage recliner forums, you might be confused between these two terms. To be honest, they’ve been thrown around a lot lately. But let me clear this up. The Inada Sogno Dreamwave is entirely different from the Inada Sogno.

vs Sogno Chairs

But what makes them different?

The biggest difference between these two Inada models is the massage technique used. The Sogno massage recliners utilized 2D Massage tech on an S-Roller structure while the Dreamwave uses 3D Massage tech on the same structure.

The Sogno model has since been discontinued, but here are some of the other massage options the Dreamwave has that it lacks:

  • Foot rollers
  • Inversion therapy
  • Heat therapy
  • Zero gravity recline

Additionally, the Sogno also comes with lesser functions like the 8 massage techniques compared to the Dreamwave’s 16 functions.

Overall, the Sogno was not worth its high-end price tag. The Dreamwave is Inada’s attempt to placate its fanbase and provide a more price-worthy model. Did it do a good job? Definitely. I’d say this model is worth the price considering the good chair features it has. But I wouldn’t trade my Luraco for it any day.

Summary: The Inada Sogno is what you could call the predecessor of the Dreamwave. It was an overall slightly unimpressive massage recliner which was too expensive for its performance. Inada has made up for the flop though, with the Dreamwave. This model boasts a host of great massage options that make it well worth the price. However, I’d say the Luraco is still better.


Reliability and Warranty of Inada Dreamwave Chair

Inada is a very reliable company with a solid fanbase. It is not hard to see why. They offer a very reasonable 3 year limited warranty period for every purchase.

3 Year Limited Warranty

You could also choose to extend it to a 5-year warranty period with more coverage for an added fee.


You’ll also appreciate the complimentary white glove delivery. This process eliminates the need to install the unit yourself and clean up after. If you ask me, it’s one of the best services a company can provide, aside from quality products.

Moreover, Inada also offers free shipping and delivery services as well as a free return policy.

Can You Overuse a Massage Chair?

No. The problem with overuse is that the pressure can decrease, which can make it uncomfortable to sit for prolonged periods of time. You want your massage chair to keep the pressure and aches at an even level—you need the table to press into the most optimal pressure points. However, to give yourself the most intensive massage, you should give it about ten to fifteen minutes. In the end, let the chair go down from the maximum setting to a neutral position—a small adjustment will help you get the most out of your massage. What’s the Best Way to Use a Massage Chair?

The best way to use a massage chair is to let it do all the work. It’s best to work the chair and let the chair do the work. In fact, using a massage chair while in motion can actually cause it to massage for longer periods of time. To enjoy the most relaxation from the most intense massage, make sure you sit in the middle of the chair, with your legs resting on the end of the seat. This will give you the ideal angle for the most effective and enjoyable massage. Use the Controls. When you’re using the chair for its intended purpose, there are no buttons or switches to figure out. Instead, the controls are easy to use and allow you to find the best pressure for you.

How Do You Use Inada Dreamwave?

These Inada prints have been a top request for a long time, but it’s been very difficult to find them outside of Japan. Fortunately, however, with Inada Dreamwave, you can rest assured that you can get the best Inada Dreamwave prints available! So, what’s the good news? If you want all these images (and many more!) like stickers, then you can do so, very easily. Not only that, but Inada Dreamwave will even design your own stencil and let you print on whatever you like!

You can see some examples below of the Inada Dreamwave work they have done on Pokemon design, getting more into ‘fun and style’. Here is one example from Brave Frontier as a bandana (seen below on the left) and also an example of just a plain baddie for Kuro. In addition to that, they do more than just regular Inada Dreamwave designs. They have another service called ‘Inada in Love’, where they customize commissions with your favorite manga characters, or even take one of your ideas and make it a commission yourself!

Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair Parts

We have licensed all Dreamwave dolls to Elite. Our new parts are 100% genuine. Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair parts are the same weight as the original Dreamwave Massage Chair. These are full-hand models. Original parts are available only as a base kit (some new manuals may also be included with those purchased without new parts.)

One piece of material (such as vinyl or upholstery) that fits around your seat. Two pieces are optional; one for each leg; or one for each side of the seat. A 3/8 inch plywood cut will not fit properly. Angle for cutting the trim. About 2 1/4 to 3 1/2 inches is desirable for the best fit. A wedge to help cut the material. Cut the wedge into four 1/2 inch pieces to assist in cutting the material around the seat. If desired, buy a second piece of material (such as vinyl or upholstery), and take two pieces of material.

How Many Times a Week Should You Use a Massage Chair?

So I’m just getting back to working out in a gym again, after all these years. And I went in and, instead of a treadmill, I chose to try the seat of a massage chair. Is that normal or should I be concerned? —Bryant Sims, Gainesville, Florida Answer: As you know, when something works well, many people turn it into a habit.

For those who go through the motions, going back to old behaviors takes a lot of extra energy. To get the most out of my sessions, I turn them into working exercises. For instance, I ask my clients to pick up their phone, put it in the holder on the back of the chair, and then lie back and relax. That makes their memory muscles work and, in turn, their bodies stay in a more stable position. It’s also an activity that helps to develop post-workout recovery.

Can You Use a Massage Chair All Day?

Our first real interaction with a massage chair came with a strapping male named Steve. He walked over and mentioned he was interviewing candidates to join the staff. He had seen me pedaling my booty around the living room. “This chair is so much better than the other one I had,” he said. Heck yes, I thought. He was right. This massage chair is a world away from the old bulky, upright style. He told me he’d had problems using this one due to his large lower body and said I would definitely get much better results with it. He was right. I am now hooked.

Of course, what everyone wants to know is can you really sit in the chair all day long? It is an amazing feat. The technology is so amazing that you really never need to touch the chair and, with its dual-mode and unisex design, it can hold both men and women. It is definitely one of the best inventions of my life. This chair is amazing.” –Steve. After an hour of testing the chair, he told me I could take it home and use it, but be sure to call ahead to the store.

Final Words on Inada DreamWave Review. Alternatives?

Although I appreciate the valiant effort Inada has put into this massage recliner, I’ll stick with my Luraco i7 Plus. Don’t get me wrong.

This was a completely tempting massage recliner. On some levels, it’s better than my Luraco. For example:

  • The Inada Dreamwave mimics a real human massage better than the i7 Plus. You’ll enjoy the quad rollers if you’re a fan of therapeutic massages.
  • The Luraco massage recliner features 80 airbags for its air massage, whereas the Dreamwave packs 101.

However, the Luraco packs a punch and retaliates its “shortcomings” incredibly well.

  • The Luraco’s rollers are designed to provide a more in-depth and penetrating massage by extending its rollers up to 3”. It might not feel exactly like a human’s hands doing the massage, but it is certainly more effective.
  • Despite falling short on airbags, the Luraco employs strategically placed rollers and airbag massages on your feet and calves for a more in-depth massage. You’ll also enjoy the added heat therapy massage chair features, which ultimately trumps the Dreamwave.


Additionally, the Luraco also boasts a host of features and benefits that the Inada Dreamwave does not.

  • Fitted blood pressure monitor to check your overall health.
  • Heat therapy in the footwells. This allows you to relieve foot pain almost immediately. It also encourages blood flow into your extremities, which helps in recovery and pain.
  • Touchscreen controls. You’ll enjoy the easy to operate touchscreen remote control on the Luraco. It is certainly a step above the Dreamwave’s controls.
  • Memory Function. You can save up to 5 user settings, so you don’t need to manually program your massage recliner each time. This is great for households with more than one user.
  • Built-In Bluetooth Speakers. If you enjoy listening to music, you’ll love the fitted speakers. They easily connect to your Bluetooth devices and are a great way to help you relax completely.
  • MP3 Support& Compatibility. You’ll enjoy listening to the sounds of zen or your favorite pop songs while getting a massage. The overall immersive experience is one of the best in the market.

Overall, I’d say that the Inada Dreamwave was a truly valiant effort. However, the Luraco i7 Plus simply executed it better. It is still a good enough massage chair that is worth your money. But, if you want a better massage experience, opt for the Luraco i7 Plus.