How Often Should You Use A Massage Chair?

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2022)

So, how often should you use a massage chair?

While you can safely use a massage chair anywhere from 1-4 times a week, depending on your needs, it’s not the frequency as much as the length of the massage that is important.

If you have an injury or chronic pain, using a massage chair every second day (so 3-4 times a week), can really help relieve pain and promote healing.

If you suffer from tension or stress, having a massage session 1-3 times a week is more than enough to keep you relaxed and feel good.

Best massage chairs (link) are designed to give you more benefits with shorter, more spaced-out sessions. Using them more often or for longer periods can actually have the opposite effect, causing more harm than good.

Summary: Massage recliners  can safely be used 1-4 times a week, but make sure you’re using them in the right way for your personal needs.

Are Massage Chairs Good for You?

Yes. If used correctly, massage chairs may provide health benefits and can really improve the quality of your life, especially if you carry a lot of stress relief, or you’re prone to sports injuries (or you’re an athlete), or you suffer from chronic muscle pain.

Are Chairs Good

The health benefits include:

Having a massage chair at home gives you the freedom to have a massage not only when you feel like you need one, but also at a time that is convenient for you.

Summary: Yes, masssage chairs can be very beneficial, provided that you use them correctly.

What Is The Duration or Time Frame To Use A Massage Chair?

Generally, 15 minutes is enough. The key is not to over-massage – which can lead to muscle tenderness, inflammation, and/or bruising.

Imagine your sore muscles are bruises on ripening fruit (kind of). If you keep pressing the fruit to check if it’s ripe, you’re just going to cause the bruises that are already there to grow. Unlike fruit, your muscles do have the ability to heal, if gently massaged.


A short, gentle massage increases blood flow and relaxes the muscle, aiding in recovery. A long or intense massage can put unnecessary strain on the muscle, increasing the stress it’s holding and even causing injury.

Massage chairs are designed to give you a relatively deep massage in a specific area, so it follows that it is better to use them for shorter periods of time.

Summary: A 15-minute targeted massage is enough to relieve stress and tension, and promote healing while being short enough to avoid further stress or injury.

How Often Should You Use a Neck Massager?

A good neck massager is meant for short to medium sessions of use. However, this really depends on the fact that the massager that you’re buying should deliver adequate pressure. While too much pressure may irritate the surrounding tissues, you may need to avoid too much friction as it may cause redness. Neck massagers are designed to be used by two hands, however, this may vary from neck massagers to neck massagers. Always consult your doctor before using a neck massager.

What Should You Look Out For in a Neck Massager? A neck massager should be powerful but not too strong. It should also be lightweight and designed to provide a good grip. If it doesn’t provide a good grip, it will not deliver the required pressure and it may lead to cramps in the hand. Many neck massagers offer variable settings that make them very useful. Many are also quite durable and well made to last for long and deliver maximum results. Also, it’s necessary to keep in mind that there are many neck massagers available in the market that are priced rather high. So, it’s highly advisable to choose one that is not very expensive.

So Massage Chairs Work

Yes, these work effectively if used correctly. They can be invaluable, especially if you live a fast-paced lifestyle where you don’t always have the time to schedule a massage – massage chairs work after hours and over weekends.

This gives you the option of getting the benefits of a body massage exactly when you need them.

Summary: Provided that you use the massage chair correctly they can work wonders to improve your quality of life.

Can Massage Chairs Hurt You?

My massage is booked for Friday and as I wait for the day to arrive I’m getting butterflies in my stomach. I just don’t know what to expect. My massage therapist told me that it was going to hurt a little but that it will be worth it in the end. What do you think? Am I going to be able to get a good massage without hurting myself? Or do you think that massaging chairs could potentially hurt your back?

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Disadvantage of Massage Chair

Since you’re resting your lower body on your stomach, you will be prone to pain, rashes, and even skin infections, just like the old-time calisthenics exercises. The result of this is that your body will be used to that motion of an irregular pace and posture. You may not even notice this until something goes wrong when you find yourself in a downward spiral curve or your back has sagged in the least.

Massage chairs should be used by people with very bad posture and those who have been known to experience strains and ruptures in their lower back. If these are the people who are planning to buy a massage chairs, please use the next section to know more about the ideal nature of this and how it can be used to enhance your health and quality of life.

How Often Should You Get a Massage in a Massage Chair?

Massage chairs are available in all price ranges and capacities, from low-cost to expensive, so knowing the answer to the question, how often should I get a massage in a massage chair, will depend on your specific needs and your budget. It’s easy to get a massage in a massage chair, and depending on your physical condition and preferences, there are many ways to put together the perfect “massage” for you. The Seven Types of Massage Chairs. Every massage chair is different because every person is different. However, there are seven general types of massage chairs to choose from.

Upfront Massage Chairs. These are usually much more expensive than the massage chairs below. Upfront massage chairs are more for pro-styled clients and advanced massage. They typically cost $3,000 or more and have numerous adjustments and settings. Massage-Less Tables. These massage chairs are like an upright table with a massage function. Also known as a “vigorous massager,” these chairs only provide a shoulder, neck, and upper back massage at a relatively low intensity.

Are Massage Chairs Safe?

It depends. If you put the intensity all the way up and sit in it all day as it hacks at your already tender muscles, then no, it won’t be safe.

Are they Safe?

If used responsibly, massage chairs are more than safe; they’re actually healthy.

This means not pushing your body too far. Keep massages short and soft, especially if you’re feeling tender already. Also, don’t use them too often.

Just like exercise, less is more. Your muscles need time to repair themselves. If you push them too hard, they’re going to go into protective mode, which equates to pain and inflammation. If you go way too far, bruising and muscle tears/injury are a very real possibility.

Summary: When used responsibly they are safe and healthy. If used incorrectly massage chairs cause more harm than good.