(Last Updated On: November 27, 2023)

Are you looking for a luxurious massage experience in the comfort of your own home? Look no further than our comparison between the Infinity Massage Chairs Evolution and Dynasty models.

The advanced and sophisticated technologies featured on the cutting-edge, modern design of the Evolution model can’t be beaten! Both will provide an exceptional massage that’s sure to soothe even after a long day at work.

For a more classical aesthetic, The Dynasty is the chair for you. Both chairs provide several massage options such as full-body and targeted massages, heat therapy, and air compression; so that you can pick your ideal model with ease! To assist in making an informed decision between them both, we will now dig deeper into their features to determine which one fits best for you.

About Infinity Brand

For nearly six decades, Infinity Massage Chairs has remained an unwavering beacon of excellence. Nested on the shores of New Hampshire, we have made health and wellness a part of our identity as we seek extraordinary success by enhancing people’s lives through product design & manufacturing proficiency intertwined with supply chain logistics knowledge.

Our executive team stays engaged from start to finish – if you ever have any queries or worries about your order, they are always available for assistance.

Infinity BrandIndeed, many of today’s popular advances within this industry had their roots in efforts put forth by them. They not only look outward towards technology but also keep a close eye on what it is that our customers want from the products we offer. As such, they are always striving to provide excellence and stay ahead of the curve.

Experience the unparalleled luxury and comfort of Infinity massage chairs, an industry leader for years. What sets Infinity apart?

Every detail has been thoughtfully crafted – from reflexology to space-saving mechanisms, Bluetooth connectivity eliminating a remote controller, and materials like real leather surfaces with soft touch handle that feel as good as they look! Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience tailored just for you.

Infinity provides an extensive selection of massage chairs to fulfill the diverse desires and living styles of everyone. With features like built-in speakers, adjustable screens for personalized customization, and flexible headrests that accommodate those who require added support when resting on another person’s body – Infinity has it all.

What Are The Differences Between Infinity Dynasty & Evolution?

If you’re considering purchasing a high-end massage chair, the Infinity Dynasty and Evolution models have some essential distinctions that set them apart.


If your budget allows for it, The Dynasty is marginally more costly than the Evolution.

Foot Rollers

The Dynasty includes dual-foot rollers, which the Evolution does not. Massage chairs with foot rollers offer a luxurious rolling massage that targets the soles of your feet, resulting in increased circulation and relief from tension in the lower legs. Enjoy an unparalleled relaxation experience with this remarkable feature.

Airbag Intensity

The Evolution has an airbag intensity control feature, which the Dynasty does not.  Airbag intensity is a feature that allows the user to adjust the pressure of the airbags in a massage chair. This can help to customize the massage experience and target specific areas of tension.

Weight Limit

The Evolution has the advantage of carrying a slightly greater load than its counterpart, the Dynasty. It is crucial to confirm the weight limit of a massage chair before you make your purchase, as it determines how much weight the chair can securely hold. By taking this precautionary measure and verifying that your chosen model can comfortably accommodate your body weight, you will be able to enjoy all its powerful features safely and with confidence!

Remote Control

The Evolution has a touchscreen remote control while the Dynasty has a traditional remote control. With the ability to control your massage chair from a remote, manipulating its intensity, programs, and On/Off switch has never been easier! Enjoy an effortless experience that can provide you with luxurious comfort in just a few clicks. Remote control adds convenience and efficiency to any massage session, making it simple for anyone to use.


Invest in the Evolution and you’ll get an extra year of coverage with its 3-year warranty, compared to the Dynasty’s 2 years.

What Are The Similarities Between Infinity Evolution & Dynasty?

Both chairs are equipped with the Complete Calf™ Kneading + Oscillation technology to offer a superior massage experience and Triple Roller Total Sole Reflexology, enabling a fully immersive massage experience.


If you’re searching for an all-encompassing massage session, then L-Track technology is a perfect choice. This unique track system consists of a roller that operates in an ‘L’ shape and can easily reach from the neck to the lower portions of your back such as the glutes and hamstrings – giving you complete relaxation.

With this innovative technology, every inch of your body will be soothed for ultimate satisfaction. Both chairs are luxuriously equipped with an L-Track massage system, allowing you to reach unprecedented levels of relaxation and comfort.

Similarities4D Mechanism

4D Massage Mechanism is a revolutionary technology that gives massage chairs the capability to imitate the same movements of an expert masseuse.

The rollers can move in four different directions; up and down, back and forth, in and out as well as twisting.

This allows for a more realistic experience with various customizations available according to user preference; giving them access to a wider range of massage techniques than ever before.

Both of these items provide an unrivaled level of comfort and support with their 4D backing mechanism.


Massage chairs offer the comforting and powerful benefits of heat therapy, providing soothing warmth to specific areas such as your lumbar region or calves. The heat helps reduce muscle tension while improving circulation, reducing pain, and restoring flexibility.

Plus, some massage chairs feature heating elements in their rollers for an even deeper therapeutic experience. Invest in a more comfortable seating experience with lumbar heat on both chairs that offer targeted support and warmth to your lower back.

Calf Massage and Calf Rollers

Massage chairs equipped with calf massage and roller functions are a perfect way to relieve muscle tension and boost circulation in the lower legs. Experience an invigorating foot massage through these specialized features, designed to promote healthy blood flow throughout your calves!

Truefit™ Body Scanning

Both chairs offer Truefit™ Body Scanning, introducing the ultimate massage experience: with cutting-edge sensors that scan your body shape, our massage chair automatically adjusts its rollers and airbags to fit you perfectly. This way, every single time you use it, this remarkable feature provides a more comfortable and effective relaxation session!

Weightless Zero Gravity Recline

The Weightless Zero Gravity Recline feature of the massage chair tilts it to a point where your knees are above your heart – this relieves stress on the spine and boosts circulation. Both models have that feature.

Decompression Stretch

Decompression stretch is a life-changing feature that the massage chair provides, allowing you to ease tension in your back muscles and restore proper posture with increased flexibility. Imagine an existence of improved wellness from such a simple addition.

Airbag Intensity Control

Airbag Intensity Control gives you the power to tailor your massage experience and pinpoint those tense areas! With this feature, users can adjust the pressure of airbags in their massage chairs for a truly personalized session.

Integrated Air Ionizer

The Integrated Air Ionizer in your massage chair utilizes ions to purify the air, and ultimately enhances your overall experience by creating a soothing atmosphere.

Bluetooth Speakers

With Bluetooth speakers, massage chair users are able to listen to music or other audio from their compatible device directly through the speaker system.

USB Charging Station

USB Charging Station is a remarkable feature specifically designed to make your life easier! This incredible option allows you to effortlessly charge all of your beloved electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and more without having to utilize any extra plugs or cords. USB charging saves time and space – making it the best way for you to experience complete convenience.

Comparison of Infinity Massage Chairs: Evolution vs Dynasty

Features Evolution 3D/4D Dynasty™ 4D
Track Type L-Track L-Track
Dimensions (Upright)
H” x W” x D”
48.00″ x 35.00″ x 66.00″ 49.00″ x 35.00″ x 67.00″
Dimensions (Reclined)
H” x W” x D”
36.00″ x 35.00″ x 80.00″ 37.00″ x 35.00″ x 73.00″
Syner-D Dual Back Mechanism No No
4-D Back Mechanism Yes Yes
2-D Back Mechanism No No
Lumbar Heat Yes Yes
Roller Heat No No
Arm Heat No No
Calf Heat No No
Foot Heat No No
Complete Calf™ Kneading + Oscillation Yes Yes
Triple Roller Total Sole Reflexology Yes Yes
Truefit™ Footrest Extension Yes Yes
Foot Reflexology Rollers Yes Yes
Calf Massage Yes Yes
Calf Rollers Yes Yes
Truefit™ Body Scanning Yes Yes
Weightless Zero Gravity Recline Yes Yes
Decompression Stretch Yes Yes
True Inversion No No
Waist Twist Therapy No No
Space-Saving Technology Yes Yes
Rocking Technology Yes Yes
Airbag Intensity Control Yes Yes
Adjustable Shoulder Airbags No No
Targeted Arm Therapy No No
Integrated Air Ionizer Yes Yes
Chromotherapy Lights  No Yes
Chromotherapy Programs No Yes
SootheMe™ Sound Therapy No Yes
Intelligent Voice Command + Control Yes Yes
Intersound™ Technology Yes Yes
Bluetooth Speakers Yes Yes
USB Charging Station Yes Yes
Wireless Charging Pad No Yes
MyMassage™ Memory Programs Yes No
Smart Dial and Button Control No Yes

Infinity Warranty and Service

If you’re looking for information about the warranty and service policy that comes with an Infinity massage chair, you’ve come to the right place. Depending on which model of chair you bought and where it was purchased from, your coverage length may vary; however, most often they include a limited one-year or three-year warranty protecting against any factory defects in materials or workmanship.

WarrantyPlus, many models also offer an additional in-home service option! To make sure that all the details are accurate for your particular purchase be sure to check out what came with your chair when delivered or get in touch directly with Infinity manufacturers if need be.

Your Infinity massage chair is designed to provide long-term service, but you must exercise caution and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions on usage and upkeep.

The warranty should shield parts, labor costs as well as in-home services for your purchase; though fabrics or other types of wear & tear might not be included.

Moreover, any damage due to misuse (or neglect) could void the protection of your guarantee. With proper care, however, there’s no doubt that you can enjoy a more than satisfactory experience with this comfort accessory!

If you experience any difficulties with your Infinity massage chair, the best way to ensure a resolution is to reach out to the customer service team from its manufacturer.

Questions And Answers

Where are Infinity Massage Chairs Made?

Crafted in the USA, Infinity Massage Chairs are renowned for their superior quality and patented designs. Revered by customers worldwide, their massage chairs can be found through retailers and distributors globally who have come to trust the brand with its extraordinary features and technology.

Does Infinity Manufactures Kyota Massage Chairs?

Yes, both Infinity and Kyota massage chairs are manufactured by the same company.

How to Disassemble the Infinity Massage Chair?

It is not recommended to disassemble an Infinity massage chair without proper training and knowledge as it may cause damage to the chair and void any warranty. If you need to move the chair or transport it, it’s best to contact the manufacturer or a professional service to disassemble and reassemble the chair for you.

If you need to disassemble the chair for repair or other reasons, it’s best to consult the instruction manual that came with the chair or contact the manufacturer for guidance. They may also have a video tutorial or a customer service team to walk you through the process.

How Many Years Does a Massage Chair Last?

The lifespan of a massage chair can vary depending on several factors. Generally, a well-maintained massage chair can last between 5 to 10 years or even longer. However, it’s important to note that this estimate is a rough guideline and can differ based on the quality of the chair, frequency of use, and maintenance practices.

The durability and longevity of a massage chair are influenced by the materials used in its construction, the quality of its components, and the overall craftsmanship. Higher-end models tend to have better build quality and may last longer compared to lower-priced options.

Regular maintenance and care are also crucial for prolonging the lifespan of a massage chair. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning, lubricating, and inspecting the chair can help prevent premature wear and tear. Properly maintaining the upholstery, motors, and mechanical parts can contribute to the chair’s longevity.

Additionally, the frequency and intensity of use can impact the lifespan. If a massage chair is used frequently or subjected to heavy use, such as in a commercial setting, it may experience more wear and require more frequent repairs or replacements.

It’s important to consider that over time, technological advancements and wear on mechanical components may affect the performance of a massage chair. Some parts may eventually wear out or require replacement, such as motors, rollers, or electronic components. The availability of spare parts and the manufacturer’s support for repairs can also influence the chair’s lifespan.

Can You Overuse a Massage Chair?

Yes, it is possible to overuse a massage chair. While massage chairs are designed to provide therapeutic benefits, excessive and prolonged use can have negative effects on the body. Overuse of a massage chair can lead to muscle soreness, bruising, and discomfort. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding recommended usage duration and frequency to prevent overuse injuries.

Massage chairs apply pressure and mechanical movements to the body, simulating the techniques used by human massage therapists. However, unlike a human therapist who can adjust pressure and target specific areas based on client feedback, massage chairs provide a more uniform and consistent massage experience. This lack of customization and adaptability can potentially lead to overstimulation and discomfort if used excessively.

Furthermore, prolonged use of a massage chair can cause muscle fatigue and strain. Just like any form of physical therapy or exercise, it is important to give the muscles time to rest and recover. Using a massage chair for extended periods without breaks can potentially overwork the muscles and exacerbate existing muscle imbalances or injuries.

Individual factors such as an individual’s health condition, sensitivity to pressure, and tolerance to massage intensity should also be taken into consideration. People with certain medical conditions, such as circulatory disorders or chronic pain conditions, may be more susceptible to adverse effects from overusing a massage chair.

To prevent overuse, it is recommended to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer regarding usage duration and frequency. Taking regular breaks during a massage session and allowing the body time to rest and recover is important. It’s also beneficial to listen to your body and pay attention to any signs of discomfort or muscle fatigue. If you have any concerns or underlying health conditions, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using a massage chair extensively.

How Do You Manually Reset a Massage Chair?

Manually resetting a massage chair involves a systematic process to address potential malfunctions or to restore the chair to its default settings. The procedure for resetting a massage chair can vary among different models, but a general approach is outlined below.

  1. Power Off the Massage Chair: Begin by turning off the massage chair using the power button or by unplugging it from the electrical outlet. Ensure that the chair is completely powered down before proceeding.
  2. Wait for a Few Minutes: Allow the massage chair to remain in the powered-off state for a few minutes. This step is crucial to ensure that any residual electric charge dissipates, enabling a clean reset.
  3. Plug the Chair Back In: Reconnect the massage chair to the power source. Ensure that the power outlet is functioning correctly.
  4. Perform a Hard Reset: Some massage chairs have a specific sequence or combination of buttons that need to be pressed to initiate a hard reset. Consult the user manual for your particular model to identify the correct buttons or sequences. This information is typically found in the troubleshooting section of the manual.
  5. Default Settings: Once the hard reset is initiated, the massage chair will revert to its default settings. This includes resetting the massage programs, intensity levels, and any personalized settings that were previously configured.
  6. Check for Normal Operation: Turn on the massage chair and test its various functions to ensure that the reset was successful. Confirm that the massage rollers, airbags, and other components operate smoothly without any unusual noises or malfunctions.
  7. Contact Customer Support if Necessary: If manual resetting does not resolve the issue or if there are persistent problems, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer’s customer support. They can provide further guidance or arrange for technical assistance.

It is essential to note that the specific steps for manual resetting may vary based on the brand and model of the massage chair. Always refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturer for accurate and model-specific instructions. Regular maintenance, adherence to usage guidelines, and prompt troubleshooting contribute to the longevity and optimal performance of massage chairs.

Infinity Massage Chair Problems

Some common problems that people have reported with Infinity massage chairs include:

  • Mechanical issues, such as malfunctioning rollers or airbags.
  • Electrical issues, such as power problems or malfunctioning remote controls.
  • Upholstery issues, such as tears or wear in the chair’s leather or fabric.
  • Heating issues, such as not getting enough heat or overheating.
  • Noise, such as squeaking or grinding sounds.
  • Software bugs, such as program malfunctions or errors with the chair’s control system.

It’s important to note that these problems can vary depending on the model and age of the chair, as well as how it’s been used and maintained.

And, it’s also worth mentioning that most of these problems can be resolved by contacting the manufacturer’s customer service, they might help you with troubleshooting steps or they may send a technician to fix the issue.

Final Word: Which Infinity Chair Is The Best?

It is difficult to determine which Infinity chair is the best, as it depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. Both the Dynasty and Evolution models offer a range of features and benefits. Ultimately, both chairs have different features that may appeal to different people, it’s best to research both chairs and see which one fits your needs and preferences better.

Luraco i9 best choiceThe Infinity Dynasty massage chair offers a Truefit™ Body Scanning feature that creates a customized massage experience and a Triple Roller Total Sole Reflexology feature that provides a massage to the soles of the feet. It also has a Truefit™ Footrest Extension feature which will provide a better massage experience.

On the other hand, The Infinity Evolution massage chair has a Weightless Zero Gravity Recline feature that reduces pressure on the spine and improves circulation, as well as a Decompression Stretch feature that gently stretches the spine.

It also has Chromotherapy Programs, SootheMe™ Sound Therapy, and Wireless Charging Pad which are not available in the Dynasty model.

The Luraco i9 has the edge over Infinity chairs with its advanced body scanning and more complex massage techniques. Plus, it is FDA-approved as a medical device which adds to its trustworthiness, plus it is manufactured in America – something that many consumers appreciate.

Furthermore, this chair incorporates a USB Charging Station designed specifically for your ease of use. With this amazing technology, you can effortlessly power all your favorite gadgets such as smartphones and tablets without having to use additional plugs or cords. USB charging is the perfect combination of convenience and efficiency – saving time and energy!

Enjoy complete ease with no extra mess or hassle. So Luraco i9 would be a better option than Infinity luxury chairs.